M O N D A Y    (September 19th)

13:00 Start Registration
14:00 – 18:00 Mini Symposia

T U E S D A Y    (September 20th)

09:00 Welcome Note
09:30 “The Green Deal of the European Union: Challenges for Science and Technology”
               Manfred Grasserbauer
10:00 Keynote: “Capture and catalytic transformation of CO2 to methanol on heterogeneous adoptive and catalytic systems (Sustainable Feedstocks)

              Niklas Hedin

11:00 Coffee/Exhibition/Poster Session
11:30 Keynote: Sustainable Batteries – The Rise of Electrochemical Energy Storage and its Perspectives
           Prof. Jürgen Janek (Universität Gießen)
12:30 Lunchbreak
13:30 Poster Session
15:00 Start-up Session
             presented by Alexandra Negoescu (TU Wien Innovation Incubation Center)
16:30 Coffee/Exhibition/Poster Session
17:00 General Assembly with Lecture(s) of Prize Winners
19:00 Social Mixer

W E D N E S D A Y  (September 21st)

09:00 Keynote: “Catalysis – An Enabler for Power-to-X Technologies” (Carbon Capture and Utilization)
              Andreas Geisbauer (Clariant)
09:50 Coffee
10:30 Parallel Sessions and Workshops*
12:00 Lunchbreak
13:00 Parallel Sessions and Workshops*
14:30 Coffee/Exhibition/Poster
15:00 Award Ceremony
16:00 2 Short Impuls Presentations
16:45 Podiums Discussion Green Chemistry for a Sustainable Europe”
17:30 Exhibition/Poster Session
19:00 Dinner

T H U R S D A Y   (September 22nd)

09:00 Keynote: Carbon2Product (C2PAT) – Transforming the Green Deal’s aspiration into reality!”
              Wolfgang Haider
10:00 Coffee/Exhibition
11:30 Keynote: The next generation in building a sustainable and circular economy industry”
            Stefan Pirker
13:00 Good Bye
14:00 Excursions


Origin Workshop (Markus Höhnen – ADDITIVE Soft- & Hardware für Technik & Wissenschaft)
Reaxys Workshop (Marta Da Pian – Elsevier)
Workshop: Make science beautiful again (Verena Resch – Luminous Lab)

"A Green Chemical Deal" Vienna, 22./ 23.9.2022

The Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, in co-operation with the Environment Agency Austria, organises the International Conference “A Green Chemical Deal” on 22nd/23rd September 2022 in Vienna.

The conference addresses three major goals of the EU chemicals policy under the Green Deal, specified by the European Commission in the communication on the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS).

  • zero pollution ambition

  • achievement of circularity

  • transformation to green and sustainable by design

The conference will provide an overview of the current status of the implementation of the CSS and develop long-term visions for the coherent integration of the above mentioned three goals in the framework of European chemicals policy.

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In case of any questions please contact: